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A few years ago I started with the website “Duivenveilingen”. This website has improved in quality and substantial growth has been achieved in the number of subscribers.
During the auction season I have with my brother-in-law “Jeffrey” had a lot of ideas to built a new and better website. We have followed the “pigeon” market well, who are the suppliers and buyers of pigeons and where is the largest market. Based on analysis shows that Asia (China / Taiwan / Japan) is the largest market. We then have contact with a Chinese company that is specialized in building websites but also in setting up a good marketing campaign in Asia. This Chinese company has large multinationals in their customer base and has a successful track record. Based on the good impressions and contacts with the Chinese company we have decided  to give the order to the Chinese company to design and build the websites Mypigeonauction.com, Mypigeonauction.nl and Mypigeonauction.cn.

In addition to the new website, we will also be very active with marketing in Asia to promote the auctions / pigeons offered for sale.

We will go online on October 6, 2019 and the first auctions will start on Sunday, October 13 at 6:00 PM.


Jeffrey Jongbloed and Tony Berlin
On behalf of: Team Mypigeonauction

Tony Berlijn

Jeffrey Jongbloed

Tony with Hugo Batenburg (Batenburg v.d Merwe)

Luna-May wins 3rd Nat.Barcelona'17 / 5th International

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