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The first auctions will start on Sunday, October 13 at 6:00 PM.


2020, March 29 5:57 pm09: NL18-1197846Marolleau ripond Florentin70.00Winning Bid: 70.00
2020, March 29 5:56 pm08: NL18-5138261Marolleau ripond Florentin80.00Winning Bid: 80.00
2020, March 29 5:56 pm02: NL16-1630383Marolleau ripond Florentin70.00Winning Bid: 70.00
2020, March 29 5:55 pm01: NL14-1169854Marolleau ripond Florentin90.00Winning Bid: 90.00
2020, March 29 4:46 pm01: NL16-3641279ronaldveenendaal100.00Winning Bid: 100.00
2020, March 29 4:36 pm12: NL11-1699796sjou1234110.00Winning Bid: 110.00
2020, March 29 4:03 pm12: NL11-1699796Lardjina100.00Winning Bid: 110.00
2020, March 29 3:58 pm01: NL19-1269441Jamesbond425.00Winning Bid: 425.00
2020, March 29 3:58 pm01: NL19-1269441denis_enzo400.00Winning Bid: 425.00
2020, March 29 3:56 pm01: NL19-1269441Jamesbond375.00Winning Bid: 425.00

Dear “pigeon” friends,

Welcome to the MYPIGEONAUCTION website. A next step on the website of MYPIGEONAUCTION is a website with a large international network with an optimal coordination of sales and purchase of pigeons through our internet auctions. We at MYPIGEONAUCTION are therefore very proud to be live at the start of the new auction season. A good website also requires a good international marketing campaign, we will also start this during the auction season. MYPIGEONAUCTION is the auction website for “pigeon” friends  and we have been able to bind very good pigeon-fanciers to sell their pigeons through our international website. Interested to offer your pigeons? please contact us.

Kind Regards,

Tony Berlijn and Jeffrey Jongbloed

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